A Boogie w/ the Hoodie Lawsuit

The rapper A Boogie wit da Hoodie has been sued by a couple from New Jersey seeking damages worth more than $260,000. The lawsuit has been filed by Dr. Lawrence Guarino and Carol Guarino. They have accused the rapper of causing severe damages to their $3.3 million mansion in Mahwah, New Jersey.

According to the lawsuit, A Boogie had rented out the luxury mansion back in 2017 and 2018. The rent agreement signed between the property owners and A Boogie had stipulated that the rapper would pay a security deposit of $15,000 and a monthly rent of $10,000. As per allegations by the owners, A Boogie abandoned the mansion in December 2018 without proper notice. Additionally, the owners noted that the rapper had caused significant damages to the property, including wall damage, water damage, carpet damage, etc. He had caused the damage by clogging the toilets and cutting up carpeting. The clogging of toilets had led to the bathroom floors being overrun with human waste. They have claimed that the damage was so bad that they could not rent it out until extensive repairs were done to the premises, thus why they are seeking the damages.