Jeff Bezos Defamation Suit

Jeff Bezos, requested before the Los Angeles County Superior Court, demanding his girlfriend’s brother Michael Sanchez to pay him $1,676,919.50 in lawyer fees and $36,019.26 in other costs. These fees and expenses were incurred by Bezo’s while defending himself in a defamation lawsuit filed against him by Sanchez.

The motion has been filed by Bezos along with his personal security chief, Gavin de Becker. The motion mentioned that the fees that have been demanded are justified because they had to vigorously defend themselves against the abusive and continually shifting nature of Sanchez’s defamation case.
The defamation suit mentioned here had been filed in February 2020 by Sanchez against Bezos and De Becker. It was in retaliation to allegations by De Becker that Sanchez had leaked “raunchy messages” and nude photos of Bezos and his sister to the tabloid the Enquirer. De Becker had told the Daily Beast that he had come to that conclusion after conducting an investigation which was funded by Bezos. In the lawsuit, Sanchez had claimed that he had never had possession of those photos and that Bezos had tipped off journalists. The defamation suit had ultimately been dismissed after Bezos had filed a motion to dismiss.