#InTheNews – Ice Cube v. Robinhood

Ice Cube has filed a lawsuit against Robinhood for allegedly using his photo and likeness without his permission in Robinhood’s blogpost to promote its services. Ice Cube says that he would not want his name or image to be associated with Robinhood. He refers to Robinhood as a company looting ordinary people’s money by advertising “get rich quick” stocks to them. Ice Cube’s lawsuit’s claim is based on an absence of an endorsement deal and the likelihood of defamation. However, the premise of Ice Cube’s case seems weak. Ice Cube’s lawsuit is based on Robinhood using the line “Correct yourself, before you wreck yourself,” without a prior endorsement deal with Ice Cube. So his claim rests on proving consumers connecting the link between Ice cube’s famous song with the statement. In defense of Robinhood, the term “correct” in the statement mentioned above refers to the market corrections in tech stocks. Further, Ice Cube has never used the word “Correct Yourself” in his song “Check Yo Self.“

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