#InTheNews – U.S. Postal Service v. Nike

The tables have turned for Nike, a company known for filing lawsuits in its aggressive defense of their Intellectual Property rights. The USPS has filed a lawsuit against Nike for designing USPS’ themed Air Force 1 shoes. USPS states that it will take concrete steps to protect its IP. According to USPS, it shall not sit silently while Nike uses its name and brand to sell expensive shoes without a prior licensing agreement. USPS says that a licensing agreement with Nike can result in royalties, which can be a source of income for USPS for years to come. It can also increase the fondness of consumers towards the USPS Brand. USPS has also accused Nike of being a hypocrite, as it is an aggressive defender of its IP rights while not respecting USPS’s IP rights. For example: Nike’s lawsuit against Lil Nas X’s Satan-themed Nike shoes.

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