#InTheNews – Update on Commission for SCOTUS

President Joe Biden has established a 36-member bipartisan commission to review possible Supreme Court reforms, fulfilling a campaign pledge. The Presidential Commission will examine the current national debate for and against Supreme Court reform.
According to Ilya Shapiro, the commission is skewed to the left, with liberals outnumbering conservatives by a 3:1 margin. Nonetheless, the commission’s conservatives include big hitters such as former DC Circuit Judge Thomas Griffith and Harvard Law School’s Jack Goldsmith.
The panel also overwhelmingly favors professors, with only a few participants with backgrounds other than legal or political academia. Former Clinton Solicitor General Walter Dellinger and now-professor David Strauss are exceptions to the academic-heavy list.
The commission’s mandate is broader than looking at the possibility of recruiting more judges. The White House said the panel’s agenda includes looking at the court’s position in the Constitutional system, the length of service and turnover of justices, and members and size.

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