After losing a court decision over his part in shielding assets from his mother, Temur Akhmedov, the son of a Russian oligarch embroiled in the UK’s biggest divorce lawsuit, will have to compensate his mother $100 million.
Temur Akhmedov and his billionaire father, Farkhad Akhmedov, worked together to prevent his mother from receiving a $627 million court-ordered divorce settlement. The court described Temur as “an untrustworthy person who will go to every length to help his parent (referring to father).“
The trial drew public attention when Temur admitted to losing more than $50 million while day trading as a college student. He argued that instead of shielding his father’s wealth from his mother, he lost some of it by poor investments.
Temur’s mother is attempting to reclaim some of the money by demanding the keys to a luxurious apartment overlooking London’s Hyde Park. She has been denied any divorce settlements, forcing her to depend on attorneys in helping her prosecute lawsuits in at least six nations.

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